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Towards Detachments
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About Honey and its benefits
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Towards Detachments
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To be able to do what you need to do, you need to be able to detach yourself internally and take a step back.

The man who is detached is not afraid to lose anything. We only lose what we cling on to.

While the outcome is important, we are not attached to the results and therefore all our energies go into the decision itself.

The truly detached knows that there is nothing so precious that he can't let go.

As we evolve, we finally come to a state of detachment where we have little expectation of outcome, trusting the universe will always get things right. This happens in a way we can neither plan nor predict.

Detachment means we can accept that failures or defeats are nothing to be shunned or sought after but rather to be accepted as a part of every success and every victory.