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About Honey and its benefits
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A truly humble man cannot get angry.
Reflect modesty like the tree that bends low with the burden of ripening fruits. It is the barren tree that lifts itself high in an empty boast.

One has to be spiritually and mentally balanced in an Egoless state. This allows us to see order in chaos and chaos in order. In fact, it is the balance within that permits us to see the balance in all things.

Hence, chaos without is a matter of perception, while chaos within is the conception of the ego.

You can keep a sword or a gun but never have to use it; so should it be with anger.

The Quest For Equilibrium

Perfection is balance. It is neither high, nor low. To be affected by the high is to be affected by the low.

Perfection is not the ultimate point. It is an equilibrium within.