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Change & Perseverance
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About Honey and its benefits
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Change & Perseverance


If your life has to mean something, it must start today.
Your life is not yours until you risk it.
What you have is only a good opportunity to experience life. Every time you walk away from something that challenges your comfort zone and every time you choose not to risk, you are missing that opportunity.


If you failed, you needed to fail. Failure is a step forward. Failure is paying your dues.
Success does not come in the beginning; nor should it be the end. It should be a consequence, nice but not necessary.

Success is not about results. Ultimately, success is about growth. 90% of all expeditions give up before they reach the summit of Mt. Everest. When Sir Edmund Hillary was on top of the world, he realised that most of the earlier climbers were in the last five percent of the climb to the summit when they gave up.

Nothing can be reached without effort. Effort is required to reach that state where effort looks effortless.

Instants of perfection always seem effortless to the onlookers while being effort-free to those who achieve this state.

When you learn to love what you strive for, then it ceases to be an effort.

For those without direction, defeat is being lost in a desert of depression.

For those without determination, defeat is damnation to a despondent dead end.

However, for those with dedication, driven by determination and with direction, defeat is merely a detour.

If only things could have been different.

Things do not need to be different. You need to be different.

Old African saying: A lion gets up everyday in Africa running, knowing that he must run faster than the slowest antelope hes about to meet or he goes hungry and he dies. And the antelope gets up in the morning everyday saying, I have to be fastest than the fastest lion I am about to meet or I die. It is only if everyday is a master stroke that your life becomes a masterpiece.