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Take your life back
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About Honey and its benefits
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Take your life back
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Dedicate one hour out of 24 and you get 23 back in your control...

Once the mind has been given the liberation and freedom that had been denied it since childhood, then it doesn't want to stop. And the ramifications are felt in all aspects of your life.

Most of us go through life sleepwalking. If one third of your life is spent sleeping, you only have two thirds to work with. The problem is even when you think you are awake, you can, in fact, be asleep.

Discipline Up to now, you are a bit of flotsam, driftwood in the water that every wave picks up and throws on the shore.

If you cannot even discipline yourself for an hour a day to practice the Sphere of Silence, what then does it say of the rest of the remaining 23 hours ?

Until you value yourself, you wont value your time. Until you value your time, you will not achieve anything with it. Essentially, we will find that we repeat the same mistakes. Were not creating new ones. That is why we dined ourselves living in a rut. If allowed to continue, it becomes a force of habit that will over time define our destiny. The sphere of silence halts this process by making us stop and think. That one-hour of silence is how you take control. You cannot control everything but you can, in essence, sail knowing when to use the wind. In establishing order around oneself, we bring order within oneself.