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Do Good, Avoid Evil
The Art of Happiness a handbook for living.
The Chan Handbook
Liberation In Our Hands Volume IV
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Exhortation to resolve Upon Bodhi
Liberation In Our Hands Volume IV

Page 60

“If you do your job simply for the sake of this life alone, then it will not be a dharma practice”

“If you do your job for the purpose of attaining a higher rebirth in the next life, then it will be a dharma practice of the path of the lesser beings”

“If you do your job for the purpose of achieving personal liberation from samsara, then it will become a dharma practice of intermediate beings”

“If you do your job motivated by spirit of enlightenment, then your professional activity will become a practice of the great beings path”

“Your frame of mind will determine whether what you are doing is a dharma practice or not. These means that it is possible, provided if you do them in the right frame of mind, for the movement of your body, your speech and your thoughts to be dharma practices”

“This is what makes your dharma practices much broader than it can be otherwise”

“If you can transform all your physical, verbal and mental activities into dharma practices, it will make your dharma practice much broader and you will be able to advance more quickly”

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